Welcome to the Reception Stage!

Welcome to Reception, which comprises of three classes, Bluebird, Red Kite and Yellow Wagtail. Throughout the year the children will engage in lots of different topics such as All about me, Celebrations, People who help us, Learning through stories and All around the world. We have a play-based approach to the children’s learning with some adult focus time throughout the day, which will support the learning within these topic areas. Although we have a broad overview of the year, our approach is flexible allowing us to maximise on the interest of the children. 

Another key part of our curriculum is outdoor learning, and our Wonderful Woodland topic begins in term 2 and continues weekly, whatever the weather. This opportunity is hugely beneficial as it allows the children to develop in all areas of our curriculum and supports the Characteristics of Effective Teaching and Learning. 

Within the specific area of Literacy, we use Letters and Sounds to support the teaching of phonics. Initially we focus on blending for reading and provide the children with phonically linked reading books to read with teachers and parents, each week. However, very quickly we start to use the phonic knowledge for spelling and writing cvc words. 


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Reception Homework

Reception Comprehension Homework May 2023


Parent Book Share – May 2022


World Book Day – March 2022