Welcome to Nursery!

Welcome to KMS Nursery which is called the Duckling Class.  We have lots of fun learning through play and our day is interspersed with sessions where we come together as a group.  Music in Nursery is a big part of our day, and we often gather around the piano to sing, dance and use instruments. Our topics in the Autumn

terms are Marvellous Me and Celebrations. In Spring we enjoy learning through stories, comprising traditional tales, plus some themed books ranging from pirates to pants. The Summer term is very animal-focused, and we cover pets, minibeasts, and larger animals.  We enjoy using Ten Town to improve numeracy, and the children benefit from identifying with “Tommy Two” or “Thelma Three”.  We value the importance of having a good dialogue between school and home, both in person and via Tapestry (an online learning journal) , so as to be mutually informed of the children’s interests and progress.  We aim to set up a thriving learning environment, combined with nurturing relationships, in order to give our youngest children a great start to school life. 

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