Who are the School Council?

The School Council is a group of children made up of 4 children from each year group. The year groups range from Year 1 to Year 6. All pupils in Years 1-6 have the opportunity to put themselves forward to become a school councillor and represent their class. Class elections are held and all children have the opportunity to vote at the start of the year. The two children who have the highest amount of votes becomes their class representative within the school council.

What does the School Council Do?

The councillors go to meetings every Wednesday and take part in discussions. The councillors bring the views of the classmates to the meeting to ensure they are acting as the voice of the children. They also let their class know what was discussed and share feedback.

The School Council arrange fundraising activities for charities such as Comic Relief, Children in Need, Sports Relief and the Poppy Appeal.

They also come up with ideas on how to improve the school. In the past they have focussed on how to improve playtimes. So far they have introduced more games in the quad, as well as skipping and ball areas on the playground. They have also re-organised how football is played on the field.

Our School Council aims to encourage our children to: 

  • To have a “voice” and to share their opinions and ideas with others
  • Develop confidence and responsibility and make the most of their abilities
  • Prepare them to play an active role as citizens
  • Develop healthy, safer lifestyles
  • Develop good relationships and respect the differences between people
  • Play an active role in fundraising for charities