Who are the School Council?

The school Council is a group of children made up of 4 children from each year group. The year groups range from Year 1 to Year 6. The School Council has a chairwoman called Alice. It has also has a vice chair called Ryan. Finally it has two secretaries called Freya and Jessica.

The chairwomen and vice chair run the weekly meetings and ensure everyone is heard and all ideas are discussed.
The secretaries are in charge of all admin duties such as making posters, checking attendance and taking minutes for the meeting.

Miss Barrett is the link for the School Council to the teachers.

What does the School Council Do?

The School Council arrange fundraising activities for charities such as Comic Relief, Children in Need, Sports Relief and the Poppy Appeal.

They also come up with ideas on how to improve the school. This year they have been focusing on how to improve playtimes. So far they have introduced more games in the quad, as well as skipping and ball areas on the playground. They have also re-organised how football is played on the field.

Voice of the School Council

“I enjoy being part of the School Council because I enjoy making the school a better place” Molly-Mai (Year 5)

“I enjoy being a School Council because when I am older I think it will help me make better decision” Macie (Year 3)

“I think next year’s School Councillors would enjoy the job because it is very fun and you get to take on lots of responsibilities” Jessica (Year 6)