Parent Feedback – Maths Information Evening


Very helpful, and informative. It is a good chance to know how my daughter learning.

So useful particularly for long division! Excellent workbook and study book to help with homework and understanding. Thank you!

Really useful, a print out would be useful as a reminder and perhaps year specific sessions done more slowly? Thank you!

Such a useful workshop. I feel I have a better understanding of the methods used. Thank you.

Great session. Would be useful to have a year specific handout to quickly refresh our memories. Would help avoid me showing my Y3 child Y6 Maths!

Thank you! It was great to see how it’s done now. Really useful.

Very useful – would have been more useful at the start of the Y3 term?

More onerous for you, and probably not enough attendance numbers. Would be good to have shorter sessions per year group maybe? Bitesize.

Thank you very much for the Maths Workshop. I found it really useful. Mr Cox explanations were very clear. I’m glad you do this workshops so I can help my daughter using the methods KM uses.


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Parent Feedback – Foundation Stage Maths Presentation

Thanks for showing various methods to incorporate maths in every day life.


Very informative session. Great examples and explanations.


Thank you for the maths presentation. Very informative and interesting.


The session is great. Especially the language we should use and the tools / toys / books. That is so useful for us to play with them and involve maths in daily basis!


Math presentation was super informative. Made me realise maths is every where and essential. What is obvious to us is no for little ones. Playful way to learn. It was great! 


Thank you. Really great to hear how they are being taught and the different ways we can be supporting at home. Loved seeing the different resources and books.


Thank you, has helped with my confidence. I now know what to do with my child at home.


Really interesting and informative. Lots of ideas to use at home! Thank you!


Parent Feedback – Maths Information Evening 

It’s been very useful. I’m pleased I came. Thanks for this evening. I’ve learnt a lot.


Very informative. Reminding and explaining how to teach children, thank you.


I appreciate your efforts; the evening was very interesting and useful.


Eye opening.


Thank you for the chance of learning so much. The vocabulary, resources – all so great to know. The teachers are brilliant! Thank you for everything.


Brilliant! So helpful. Thank you.


Really useful – thank you. For foundation stage, understanding the language used in school is great. Will need a reminder for upper key stage 2.


Great evening, very informative. Well organised and easy to follow how the methods are used in each key stage. A massive thank you to everybody who stayed to help.


Great evening very well planned out to support all areas including the year groups. Great session to help better understanding.


Really helpful. Very nice presentation, easy to understand. Teacher very happy to help. Thank you.


Very informative evening. Will be more confident teaching and supporting the kids at home.


Love the practical exercises. Please do this every year. Fab sesh!


It’s been really helpful to see the different methods, but also to understand what the children are expected to know at each stage.


Amazing! It’s been very insightful and very worthwhile. So happy to see how dedicated the school is to maths and the children.


Great explanations. Helpful to know different ways to work sums out. Thank you!


Really useful! Thank you! There is a lot to take in – having a child in foundation so I would have like to have focussed perhaps just on foundation and KS1 and then done the remainder.

Very helpful! Will make it much easier to help with homework (maybe try to split parents into year groups, so teachers always have relevant parents to talk to?)


Very useful and enjoyable evening. Could have done with more time with specific, relevant year group. Thank you.


Child is in reception. Very insightful. Loved seeing the journey. Very helpful!


Very interesting and helpful.


Really useful session – thank you. Perhaps the addition and subtraction could be combined into one presentation. Would be good to have more time to explore the tables – to see what my child would do in the following year. But really good – thanks again.


It was really helpful and informative, thank you for taking this effort. Thanks.


Really useful – very helpful to understand how things are taught, especially the concrete examples of how things are explained, language used and practical tips to help a not so confident child (or parent) with maths!